About us

We digitize the real world and create the New world.

We are the only one specialist that cover not only parametric-based industry but also non-parametric of VFX design. 

K-net & eng company

Game · film · VR · AR based on Non-parametric modeling

- game 3D modeling 

- advertisement 3D modeling

- VR/AR 3D modeling

- film VFX 3D modeling

CAD · Reverse Engineering based on parametric design

- 3D Scanning

- 3D Reverse Engineering

- 3D quality inspection

- 3D design

Management Philosophy

K NETs ENG is a compound word of Korean network and engineering. 

Based on sophisticated engineering technology,  we responds to various customer needs and builds a powerful solution system.

Under the slogan “WE DIGITIZE THE REAL WOLRD “, we transform the whole world into the digitized creation for presevation and pleasure.


This is the history of K-NETS&ENG. We will create a world where 3D digital data improves productivity by 

introducing smart changes to various industries following the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

2014.023D 프린터 콘텐츠회사 (주)포디웰컴 설립
2014. 07웹기반 3D프린팅 솔루션 특허출원 및 산업용 3D프린터, 3D스캐너 장비 도입
2014. 07후지필름 MOU 공동사업 런칭
2014. 07국민대, 홍익대, 중앙대 외 국내 우수 6개 대학교와 산학협력
2014. 113D 전신 스캔부스(3차원 촬영장치) 특허출원 및 3D스캔부스 태국 수출
2014. 123D 스캐닝 시스템 연구개발 착수
2015. 023D프린팅 의료가이드라인 연구개발 및 Aztec 3D Group 정식 리셀러계약 체결
2016. 05후모, (주)포던테크, Thor3D社 외 파트너 계약
2016. 12Zcorp社 3D 프린터 재료 국산화 성공
2017. 01샤이닝 3D社 산업용 3D프린터 국내 유통 계약체결
2017. 033D 프린팅을 통한 의료기기 연구개발 MOU 체결
2017. 04201샤이닝 3D社 산업용 3D스캐너 국내 유통 계약체결
2017. 05PCB 3D프린터 제조 Nanodemesion社 국내유통 계약 체결
2017. 06(주)케이넷이엔지 법인전환
2018. 12인재육성형 중소기업 지정
2019. 03(주)케이넷이엔지 벤처기업인증

Our Clients

These are clients with K-NETS&ENG.

We offer 3D digital solutions in 3D to ensure the customer's satisfaction.

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Nam-gu, Ulsan, 44776 Republic of Korea

TEL. 052-268-9860
FAX. 0303-3443-9860
E-MAIL. kwon@k-nets.com

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35, Heungan-daero 517beon-gil, Dongan-gu,

Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

TEL. 02-585-9860
FAX. 0303-3443-9860
E-MAIL. lee@k-nets.com

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